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03 July 2007 @ 08:16 pm
I was digging through my trunk looking for a pair of socks and I found this old thing. Anyone still checking?
22 May 2007 @ 11:10 am
Sirius --

You, my friend, are in for a surprise if you think I'm going to idle my long, post-term days away without you by my side. This summer, you are coming to the Lupin household for at least a long visit, if I can't tear you away from Mr. Potter for the whole summer. I've already talked to my parents, and they said you can come and share my room for want of a guest room. (Of course, I didn't have any complaints at that bit)

So, let me know. We're not on the Floo so we'll have to arrange something if you do come. Please consider it.

-- Remus

[Private - Sirius]

I know that's rather sudden and abrupt and everything, but I thought about going months without seeing you in private today and got all in a panic. Please say you'll come. Please, Sirius. At least for a fortnight. I feel like I haven't gotten to see you properly in so long and I don't know where we stand or what's going on and it's driving me batty.

06 May 2007 @ 12:42 pm
Okay, I don't want to sound like a bitch here but as the RP progresses I feel like it's necessary.

The RP is kind of turning into an Andromeda-Severus thing and I feel like the rest of us are just secondary characters that help spurr their plot along.

I just wanted this post to be a discussion in which we could talk about ways to re-involve the rest of us. I know going the Andy-Sevvy way wasn't intentional and it just happened because of a long inactivity from all of us, but as we're all starting to kind of pick up activity...

I'm just really not happy being a secondary character, you know?!

Any ideas what kind of plot stories we can implement to garner involvement from James, Lily, Remus, Sirius, etc.?

The only thing I can really think of is Sirius' prank but that would need a lot of prep because right now it doesn't fit very well in the plot and that still leaves out Lily and James.

Anyone have an idea of what we could do?
06 May 2007 @ 11:46 am
[Private - Self] This morning, I went to Dumbledore's office and told him about the meeting. I told him who was there, what horrible things they talked about, and what they said to me. He said I did a good job, and he's proud of me, and that he'll never ask me to do anything like that again. I've helped him, and I don't need to ever again.

I've taken about 7 showers since that meeting. I just feel so disgusting, and I can't get it off me.

I saw Ted when I was walking back from Dumbledore's office. I'd been crying a lot, so Ted could tell I was upset. He asked me what happened and I had to lie to him and tell him that I was failing a class and Dumbledore just had a little pep talk with me.

I wish he hadn't put his arm around me. That just made it all worse.

After reading Severus's entry that Dumbledore thinks he's a threat, I went back to Dumbledore. It went a bit like this:

"Sir, Severus Snape wasn't there. You did hear me mention that, right?"

"Yes, Andromeda, I do remember you being very steadfast about that."

"Then may I ask why you're still watching his mail and questioning him about Lucius?"

I can't even write down what he said. I just remember freaking out at him when he said that he had his reasons, and Severus was to be watched until they knew he was safe. I just kept screaming, "But I know he's safe, I trust him, he wasn't there," and finally Dumbledore just had to sit me down and give me a calming potion because I was in hysterics.

He said that he'll lighten up on Severus, but he needs to make sure that Severus is not only not involved with them, but also that he's safe from them. He said that if The Dark Lord really wants Severus on his side, he'll put lives in danger so that Severus follows through. Dumbledore's just trying to protect him, at this point, I suppose.[/Private]


I talked to Dumbledore. He knows the truth. I'm sorry I didn't help enough.

We're 16. Why the hell should we have to deal with this?
05 May 2007 @ 11:52 am
Last night was very enlightening.

I suppose I didn't explain it very well. It wasn't a party... more like an opportunity for recruitment. Lucius Malfoy, in particular, had some rather interesting things to say. I must admit, he kept my attention more than any of the others. He's a very persuasive person. I'm starting to see why Narcissa has chosen to marry him. It surprised me how they actually had some relevant points... I mean, I'm not saying that I was convinced. But it...it was very enlightening.

[Private - Self]
Remember to tell Dumbledore:
-- Goyle
-- Crabbe
-- McVair? McNair?
-- Bellatrix (WHORE)
-- Lestrange bros.

Lot, if Ted Tonks wanted one of these journals, where would he get one? Sirius gave mine to me, so I don't know what to tell him.
05 May 2007 @ 09:29 am
Hullo, mates. Apologies for not keeping you all updated better about the daily goings-on of one Remus Lupin. It's been a busy month, and one that was particularly exhausting.

[Private - Marauders] I'm not sure what's going on, mates, but this moon was awful. It took me a full week to recover, as opposed to my usual 3 days, and I'm still not feeling quite right. I hope I'm back to full strength before the next moon. [/Private]

Anyway, I've wrapped myself up in school to make up for time lost in the infirmary. Madam Pomfrey is quite the diligent nurse and wouldn't let me out!

Sirius, will you wait for me before going down to dinner tonight? I haven't had a proper conversation with you in ages.
04 May 2007 @ 10:03 pm
Narcissa sent me a letter inviting me to a party tonight.

Guess what kind of party it is? There's a particular theme with the guests, if you know what I mean.

I told her I'd go.

Nothing better to do.
03 May 2007 @ 04:56 pm
I saw Dumbledore today, and asked to speak with him. It was... well. All I can say is that he and have sorted some things out, and he's brought some things to my attention. It got a little crazy at one point. I felt like reaching out and hitting him right in the jaw, and I think he knew it, too. He just had this funny smile on his face. He wasn't pleased, just... satisfied. Maybe that I was finally approaching him about the topic, or whatever. I don't know. After my anger subsided, I just felt like collapsing, and he was really nice and offered me some candy to make me feel better. I think his chocolate is magiked. I felt immediately better.

He told me some things... about some people... and I must say I don't care for those people anymore and I want nothing to do with them, if what he said is true (and I don't see why he'd lie to me).

In the end though, it was a good conversation that needed to be had. It was like was warning me from making big mistakes in my life, and I'm glad he gave me the warning. At the end, he asked me to come see him anytime I'd like, because he'd be happy to talk to me. He really is rather nice, like Professor Ignis.

LAST NIGHT. WAS. BRILLIANT. Ted and I had an absolute blast studying for Runes. I had no idea how funny he was. I think the only time I've laughed so hard was when James did that drunken strip dance for us last year. I was crying at one point from laughing. He's really good at impressions. He did this impression of Slughorn that had me in stitches. He does impressions of the students, too: Sirius, he can do you rather well! You should see it.

We ended up studying an extra half hour, because we kept getting off topic. He's really a rather cute sweet boy.

After that, James and I went and had ourselves a little date. It was so lovely out last night. We made s'mores and talked and caught up on everything. AND we made a pact. If neither of us are married by the time we're 30, we'll marry each other. Admit it, everyone: James and I would have gorgeous babies.

Those boys are just so trala wonderful!
25 April 2007 @ 09:10 pm

Your little sugar quill?

Ok, you were right. No nicknames. It's just too weird.

Severus, I

[Private - Severus] Severus, I miss you so much I can barely stand it anymore. So much has been going on with Narcissa and Bella, and Sirius is so busy snogging Remus, that he doesn't have time to talk to me. I miss you. And I know you're not comfortable with this icky-love stuff, but sometimes I feel like if I don't see you soon, I'll just die. I know you're busy. I don't blame you at all. I just thought you should know that while you're busy with Slughorn, I'm missing you a lot.

Alright, that's it. No more icky-love stuff, I promise. [/Private]

[Private - Sirius, James] Sirius? James? Do either of you think that you could make some time for me anytime? I just need to talk and stuff. I miss you guys. [/private]
22 April 2007 @ 07:50 pm

Does anyone else feel suddenly alive?

Today was rather awkward. I was sitting outside, under my favorite tree by the lake, and Ted Tonks came over to me and started to talk to me about Runes and classes and things. I was planning on being quite short with him, but then he started being interesting and I couldn't help but keep the conversation going.

Is he a 7th year? It'd be sad to see him go after this year. He seems like a very nice fellow, and we need more of them around.